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Ceramic Rain Repellent

Ceramic infused wax that helps repel rain for up to 2 months



Fabric seats and carpet protectant

(Interior details only)


Clay Bar Treatment

The clay bar treatment helps remove embedded contaminants (including pollen) in the paint that can't be removed by the normal wash. It smoothens your paint and allows a wax to better bond with your paint.

(Exterior details only)


Child Car Seat Cleaning

Vacuum and clean child car seats 


Ceramic Spray Wax

A ceramic infused spray wax that adds a high gloss and highly durable coating to your exterior paint and glass. This ceramic wax can last up to 3 months, protecting your car from future contaminates, color fading, and water spots. 





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Ceramic Interior Protection

- Conditions and UV protects all interior plastics, vinyl, leather, and rubber. 
- Repels dust, fingerprints, and other stains on hard surfaces
- Provides up to 3 months of protection 
- Ceramic and Graphene infused
- Contains odor-eliminating properties and gives a fresh scent.





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Graphene Acrylic Tire Shine

A Graphene and Acrylic based tire dressing that offers superior durability compared to traditional tire dressings. Provides a natural shine that can last up to a month.


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Interior Deodorizer

Whole car aerosol fumigation process that helps eliminate smoke smell, mildew odor, animal odor, etc. 
Filters through the vent system and gives a long-lasting fresh new car smell. The scent lasts up to 2 weeks. 

- We cannot guarantee that all odors will be removed entirely after this service. 
- If you’re sensitive to scents this service may not be for you.


Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for a full interior and/or exterior detail.

Interior Detail


Exterior Detail




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