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Hoch Auto Detailing polishing a blue mini cooper with a dual action polisher


Hoch Auto Detailing now offers mobile one step polishing. We come to you! Look below for more info on this service and book now! Pick your date and time and book in only a few minutes. 

What's Included?

  • Full exterior detail.

  • Clay bar treatment to remove embedded contaminates on paint.

  • Iron decontamination spray to remove brake dust and iron particles.

  • 1 step polish of all painted surfaces on the exterior of your vehicle.

  • 1 step polish on all exterior glass.

  • 1 step polish on headlights and taillights.

  • Light hand polish on factory clear coated wheels. (see disclaimers below for more details)

  • Ceramic spray wax to protect your paint for up to 4 months. 

  • Water-based dressing on tires, wheel wells, and plastic trim.


Sedans/Coupes/Hatchbacks/Small Trucks


Med-Large Trucks/Suvs/Vans

Look below for disclaimers and photos.

Questions or concerns? Contact us directly by clicking here

What Is A One-Step Polish? Why Do I Need It?

A one-step polish is a process that cuts a fine layer of clear coat from your car's paint. It consists of a compound stage to diminish deeper defects, then a finishing polish stage to refine the paint and give it a reflective glossy finish. This is also referred to as a “cut and buff”. This can diminish micro-scratches (swirl marks), water spots, and that dull oxidized look on worn paint. Cutting off a fine layer of clear coat exposes a cleaner and newer layer of clear coat that gives your paint a shiny and glossy look that everyone loves.


  • We do not guarantee to remove all of the scratches on your car. A one step polish may only reduce a fine layer of micro-scratches on your paint.

  • A proper amount of space around your car is required to perform this detail. We use pop-up canopies to cover your car while working.

  • If it rains on the day of this service, a garage or properly covered space will be required to perform this service.

  • A light hand polish is performed on the face of factory clear coated wheels. If you have wheels with a different finish than the original factory clear coat, we will not polish them. 

  • This service is for your exterior only. Interior details will need to be booked separately. 

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